Click on a label within the key to remove that label data from the graph

Saline Singularity Superior Scouting System See-er Service

The SSSSSSS (should sound like a dying snake when pronounced properly) is a service provided by First Robotics Challenge team number 5066 "Singularity" from Saline MI. It is a viewer or "see-er" that allows the user to view scouting data collected in the stands by our team. This information is available to anyone patient enough and shows the average points scored by each team and where they score the most points. You can disable any of these subcategories if you only want to look at who the best team is at a smaller selection of point scoring opportunities. This is done by simply clicking on said item at the top of the screen in the key. Hovering your mouse over any of the data will cause it to display its value as a decimal.